Temporary or Permanent Employment

Betalgis plus d.o.o. is the employer (agency) that by agreement or contract provides workers to another employer (customer services) for temporary work.

In this way, a user will receive significant savings because workers are not employ in your company, rather than through outsourcing.

Reasons for temporary employment are:

  • Need for seasonal workers
  • Time limited job
  • Sudden or rapid growth in business volume
  • Temporary replacement of absent workers (birth leave, sick leave, vacation)
  • Internal company rules do not allow additional employment
  • Probationary periods for new employees

Your benefits:

  • Quickly available workers
  • You are not required to hire workers
  • Workers are hired only if needed
  • You are not required to pay contributions, awards, holidays, sick leave, severance pay, bonuses and other benefits from your collective agreement.
  • The agency assumes all obligations towards the employee and the state, leading the workers as their employees.

In our 30 years of work, we hired over 500 employees through temporary employment, on behalf of the customer and employee.

Temporary employment is lead to the following principles:

  • Lowering cost to the client
  • Check-in and quick staff’s check-out
  • hiring an experienced and professional staff that meets customer’s requirements

If you are interested for temporary employment we can offer you a wide range of personnel:

  • welders, locksmiths, grinders, shipfitters, mechanics, electricians, carpenters
  • cleaners, gardeners
  • dockers, longshoremans
  • construction workers
  • receptionists, waiters, cooks, bellkeepers and other hotel staff
  • nurses, geriatric staff
  • market researchers, vendors
  • sales promoters
  • staff for call center
  • other staff if needed

We can assure temporary or permanent employment for domestic and foreign clients.